Our Print Franchise Frequently Asked questions

Q. Do you do the Printing and Delivery?

A. Yes everything is ordered online by your customers on the online shop we give you. We print and deliver to them.

Q: I already have a website, how do I link your software shop to it?

A: Very easily. You setup a sub domain and we host your shop on the sub domain, for example print.yourdomain.co.uk and we provide a link back to your www.yourdomain.co.uk brochure or word press site.

Q: Is there ever a Fee charged for the Franchise?

A: Not for the franchise system. We set up and maintain your online shop for you completely free of charge. All we charge is a small hosting fee on our platform which can be paid monthly or anually. The reason we do that is to protect us from just being used as a free cloud storage photo resource without anything being ordered as we have to pay for hosting.

Q: Are there any other charges?

A: No there are no charges you have to pay us. We will not be asking you for any payment at all if you are using our payment system. The credit card merchant fees have been built into the charge we make for each product ordered by your customers. As the customers order online, we pay you back the difference between your customer's sales price and the purchase price we charge you to produce the product.

Q: What happens if I want to stop?

A: We have a very fair and ethical contract. The last thing we want is people working with us who are not committed to us and our brand. So you can stop at any time giving 24 hours notice, with no financial penalty at all.

Q: Can I add my own products to my Personalised Print Shop?

A: Yes, subject to our agreement, and as long as not competing with what we already offer. As we would not be printing these we would charge you a 10-20% transaction fee for orders made through the site, and there may be a product setup charge.

Q: What is the difference between your No Cost Franchise and Sales Agency?

A: The main difference is with a Franchise you are running and owning your own business so are the legal seller to the customer. You can as a Franchise choose to use your own branding and domain name or use our ASK branding and an ASK sub domain. With a Sales Agency you have to use our ASK branding and an ASK sub domain for your shop, and ASK are the legal seller to the customer. When ASK are the legal seller to the customer, the prices include VAT (except books), so your margin per sale is slightly less than a non VAT registered franchisee.

Q: Can I visit the ASK offices?

A: Yes you can. Simply give us a call and we can arrange a meeting and show off our products.